The Fantastic Mr Falko

If you’re an avid follower of our social media platforms, particularly our Facebook profile, you’ll have noticed that we are BIG fans of @FalkoOneGrafitti. In fact, The Grand Daddy Hotel is proud to have our very own Falko masterpiece on our Castle Street exterior wall! This special, custom piece is entitled “Elevator” and is a nod to our hotel housing this oldest working elevator in Cape Town. This unique artwork attracts a lot of attention from passers-by and is definitely worth a selfie or two!

After twenty-three years as a graffiti artist, Falko is widely regarded as an integral part of the foundation and development of South Africa’s graffiti scene. After a short stint studying graphic design, Falko decided to instead perfect the art form that kept him occupied during his years at high school. His work soon became a recognized feature around the Cape Flats, and eventually around the country.”

Enjoy this fantastical, thought-provoking, selection of a few of our favourites and be sure to check out Falko One online for a whole load more!

Falko One: Instagram / Facebook / Website

Images: @FalkoOneGraffiti

“Elevator” at The Grand Daddy Hotel.


“Pick me upper”

“Piggy back”

“I can’t live without my music”

“The extension”

“Sending mixed signals”

“Broke back dustbin”

“It was my birthday”


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