Having been home to several businesses including an art gallery and a high-end Merchant’s store, Merchants on Long re-opened its doors on the 10th October 2010 as Africa’s first concept store.

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A celebration of diverse Pan African design, Merchants on Long serves as a platform of carefully curated luxury and handmade brands that are all sourced and made in Africa. Merchants is also home to the ethical African luxury handbag and accessories line Okapi.

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A curated platform for designers from around the continent. Merchants on Long houses the best of African design alongside inhouse designer collaborations and Merchants’ very own lifestyle brand. Everything you discover in Merchants on Long has been produced in Africa.

Named after the elusive antelope known as the African Unicorn, Okapi produces luxurious, artisanal handbags and accessories entirely handmade in South Africa.

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34 Long Street, Cape Town, 8001,
South Africa

+27 (0)21 422 2828 | info@merchantsonlong.com | www.merchantsonlong.com