Masala Dosa Restaurant is a unique Indian eatery named after a popular south Indian breakfast dish. The dish consists of a crispy rice and lentil pancake (dosa) served traditionally with a potato curry, coconut sauce (chutney) and a spicy vegetable and lentil broth called sambar. This dish has been the inspiration for the menu along with other modern Indian dishes not found in the typical Indian restaurant. 


In the heart of downtown Cape Town, Masala Dosa appears likea glimpse of Bollywood in the eclectic mix of bustling street life. The decor is unlike any other Indian restaurant in the city — modernand funky, with fake Bollywood posters that showcase the menu, two giant puppets and, on the washroom roof, an upside-down cow.

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Day and night, Long Street is alive and this intimate eating-house attracts a diverse clientele ranging from a young artsy crowd to the advocates from the nearby supreme court and many tourists. Many of the tourists are Indian and quite traditional, with granny in a sari and running shoes waiting patiently until the matriarch of the family has sampled a dosa before deciding whether it is good enough to order for the whole family.