Here at the Grand Daddy, we are and always have been proudly South African. However that’s not to say that we don’t appreciate a little foreign flavour every now and then. In fact, we welcome it with open arms!

Engaging in new experiences, embracing all cultures and trying different cuisines are all a part of being a South African. Lucky for us here in Cape Town, we don’t need to look far to find ourselves surrounded by a multitude of multicultural opportunities and establishments. One of which just happens to be our down the road neighbour, Café Mojito.


With its combination of rustic street side tables, classic portraits and island-style bar, this Cuban themed restaurant will transport you out of Cape Town and into the Caribbean. Serving up everything from tasty tapas and toasted sarmies, to pizzas and burgers, every meal is infused with Cuban flair.


As the name suggests, Café Mojito offers a famous mojito concoction made with the freshest ingredients to keep the customers coming back for more. But it’s more than the killer cocktails that keep people returning, time and time again, to this little piece of Cuba.


Kenneth, owner of Café Mojito, explains what makes this café so special:  “The Cuban vibe is not the only asset in this place, there’s also the multidimensional crowd Mojitos attracts. I’m talking about people of all colours and lifestyles from countries around the world. People who embrace the freedom of expression. It’s essentially a melting pot in which there is no room for pretension.”


Relaxed café by day, bustling bistro at night, Café Mojito is one of the Grand Daddy’s favourite local hotspots. Whether you’re a guest at the Grand Daddy looking to try something different, or a local Cape Townian with a taste for the island life, be sure to check this place out. It’s sure to spice up your life with a little Cuban flavour!