Love thy neighbour, right? Well it’s hard not to when you live on Long Street- home to some of the coolest places in Cape Town. The Grand Daddy Hotel opens the doors to Long Street for you to explore as we introduce some of our favourite spots on our street in our blogs! And of course, the best place to stay and base your city adventures from is at the Grand Daddy himself!

Beerhouse on Long Street is one of those places that you pop into for a quick drink and stumble out of three hours later.  As the name suggests, Beerhouse places a big emphasis on its craft beers and takes the old song lyrics ’99 bottles of beer on the wall’ very seriously. Boasting 99 bottled beers from 13 different countries and 25 taps, you’re guaranteed to never go  thirsty.

We strive to incubate the ideals of craft while supporting local micro-breweries and giving them a podium from which to shout their qualities to the world.” – Beerhouse


This bright yellow watering hole overlooks the rest of Long Street and has been one of Cape Town’s vibiest hotspots since it first opened its doors in 2014. While beer is not the only thing on the menu, non-beer drinkers be forewarned that Beerhouse will attempt (and likely succeed) to convert you.

Beerhouse is committed to providing only the highest quality beer and staff members are all connoisseurs of the craft beers industry; turning into bloodhounds when it comes to detecting faults in the beer. The fun and fine establishment likes to see itself as a ‘hub for all things beer’ and the team will go out of their way to educate and enlighten amateur beer enthusiasts on their beer revolution journey.


When we began this journey over 2 years ago we decided the best way to nurture and curate this revolution was through education. Although we don’t have the biggest list of beers in the world and we might not yet have access to some foreign heavy hitters we do have the best beer menu for curation of styles in South Africa and arguably the world’s best menu visually and of best value educationally.” – Beerhouse


Beer-o-clock is an all day, every day event…because why should there only be one happy hour? For a bargain of a price, patrons who order the Beer O’Clock Tasting Experience will receive twelve 100-mL tasters, each placed around a board like numbers on a watch face.


Beerhouse is the perfect place to say cheers with some beers while kicking back and watching the everyday hustle and bustle of Long Street go by..