Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park

*The Airstream rooftop trailer park is currently closed & under refurbishment - reopening 1 September 2014.

The Daddy has embarked on an exciting refurbishment project this winter incorporating all 7 Airstream Trailers, the Skybar as well as the Pink Flamingo Cinema. The rooftop is currently closed while we re-create this unique space and restore the Airstream trailers to their former glory as the most sort after accommodation in Cape Town!
Exciting news is that the Trailers will each have a newly themed interior - join the Daddy & embark on a classic South African roadtrip in our trailers - think Karoo, Safari, Surfing/beach, Winelands and more - so whilst we are sad to say good bye to old friends - Goldilocks & Company we look forward to showcasing the new ...
During this 3 month project we will post update blogs on our website, exciting titbits and picures on our Facebook page so keep an eye out. 

Airstream trailers are incredible works of craftsmanship and their classic shape is unforgettable. 

The Daddy likes to take things up a notch and our Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park is no exception. Long Street’s energy, relentless sense of humour and creative drive have been harnessed to conjure up the most unique – and creatively fun – experience you are likely to find anywhere in the city. 

In the meantime you can reminisce about the original designs by reading through the information below. 

See the Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park photo gallery.

Dorothy, by Sarah Pratt

Sarah Pratt, a fine artist and lecturer at Michaelis School of Fine Art, is responsible for the trendy Dorothy Airstream.

Sarah has reinvented the airstream with a duck egg-blue foundation colour and covered every inch with white polka dots. Some of the dots are three-dimensional and hinged to contain mini-exhibition items inside. The mini-exhibitions are changed every three months.


Afro-Funk, by Carla Soudien

The trailer’s earthy colours set the tone for an African experience – minus the wildlife.

Carla was inspired by the street fashion of Cape Town, which is represented in her careful attention to texture.

Afro-Funk is chic, streamlined, comfortable and proudly South African.


The Ballad of John & Yoko, by Tamsin Relly, Cara Rosa and Chloe Townsend

With the bed taking up three-quarters of the trailer, the design invites relaxation and celebrates the peace and love that John Lennon and Yoko Ono so believed in.

Guests have the opportunity to spread their messages of love and peace on the trailer’s creativity board and, if so inspired, they can pick up a musical instrument to add on-board acoustics.


Moontides Airstream

Moontides is our largest Airstream trailer with a seperate living and bedroom area.

The decor is a dreamy combination of silver and blue carrying you away on a moontide.


Love of Lace, by Tracy Lynch

Tracy’s signature colour pink provides a feminine appeal and intriguing seclusion that says boudoir not bordello.

Tracy invited iconic South African women to select heart-stoppingly beautiful lingerie, which has been decoratively framed for added effect.

The fabrics were sponsored by the Silk and Cotton Co.


Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, by Mark and Joe Stead

Use this Airstream as a mini-set in which to tell the much-loved bedtime story of a little blonde girl and some bears.

This fantasy Airstream mirrors the times-three theme of the actual fairytale – a bear suit and Goldilocks outfit, tiny cups and saucers ... 


Pleasantville, by Liam Mooney

Pleasantville’s interior was designed by Liam Mooney, creative director and designer of Whatiftheworld and creative director of the Airsteam Rooftop Trailer Park project.

The trailer is a utopian, 1950s-style heaven, incorporating a wide variety of period-piece finishes in mint green and cherry red, decorative wall ducks, and blue melamine.

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