Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park

The Airstream rooftop trailer park

The Daddy embarked on an exciting refurbishment project this winter incorporating
all  7 Airstream Trailers, the Skybar as well as the Pink Flamingo Cinema. The rooftop
reopened on the 01 September 2014 re-creating this unique space and restoring the
Airstream trailers to their former glory as the most sort after accommodation in
Cape Town!

Exciting news is that the Trailers will each have a newly themed interior - join the Daddy
and embark on a classic South African roadtrip in our trailers - think Karoo, Safari,
Surfing, Beach, Winelands and more - so whilst we are sad to say good bye to old friends
Goldilocks & Company - we look forward to showcasing the new ...

Bloomin' Daisies


Rooftop Safari with Cheetah Plains & Jaci's Lodge

Beach House, Hermanus

City Flights


Gold Rush

Airstream trailers are incredible works of craftsmanship and their classic shape is unforgettable. 

The Daddy likes to take things up a notch and our Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park is no exception. Long Street’s energy, relentless sense of humour and creative drive have been harnessed to conjure up the most unique – and creatively fun – experience you are likely to find anywhere in the city. 

See the Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park photo gallery.

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