Things to do in Cape Town

You’ve made it to Cape Town, South Africa’s Mother City! Welcome, and sawubona!

Let’s say you travelled safely – via air, car or space travel – and you’re standing in your gorgeous Tracy Lynch-inspired Grand Daddy Suite. Maybe you’re admiring the interior of your own private rooftop Airstream trailer. Whatever the case, you’re in Cape Town, you’re booked into the Daddy and you’ve got some free time to burn.

What on earth is there to do in Cape Town?

Browse our visitor guide to all things City Bowl, download this map of the city centre (or this map of Cape Town) and get exploring!

Getting around the city

This handy “Get There Guide” will help you navigate your way to the magnificent Grand Daddy Hotel and is the ultimate pocket guide to getting around the Mother City, from here to there and everywhere in between. 

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Art galleries to visit

Whether you’re a serious art buff with a taste for historical and traditional pieces, a fan of contemporary comic art or someone who’s looking for a locally produced linocut – you’ll not be disappointed by this selection of local galleries. 

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Must-see museums

Mostly within walking distance of the Grand Daddy, the following selection of local museums is where you’ll trace Cape Town’s heritage – from slavery to maritime warfare, from apartheid to democracy.

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Green gardens and parks

You could truthfully say that the eight-hectare Company's Garden, at the top end of Adderley Street, was once a glorified vegetable patch – a far cry from today’s immaculately laid-out lawns and indigenous flower beds.

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Action and adventure

Be sure to spend time outside and enjoy some of the scintillating adventure activities on offer in and around the City Bowl. From shark cage diving to go-kart racing, there’s plenty of action going down in Cape Town. 

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