Travel diary of a Swedish Intern: Introduction

Hi there,
Let me introduce myself, my name is Malin, a Hospitality Management student and - more importantly - the new intern at the Grand Daddy Hotel. I just arrived from Sweden two weeks ago so my adventure has just started and I am still in that phase where there is something new to see around almost every street corner and the view from my bedroom window takes my breath away every single morning. 

Since I ended high school in 2005 I have been working at Gothenburg Intl Airport, however a year ago I decided it was time for me to once again take up my studies and, having already dipped my toes in the wonderful world of the tourism industry, the choice to study Hospitality Management was an easy one. I am always up for a challenge and after learning that the school would prefer us to conduct our internships abroad I immediately started doing my research. Cape Town and South Africa have always been one of the top places I want to visit so I figured by combining work with travel I would get the best of both worlds. This means that I now have six months to learn, develop, grow and explore everything that the Hospitality Industry as well as this unique and diverse country has to offer.

I first found out about the Grand Daddy Hotel through former students, who assured me I would have a wonderful and unique learning experience and a little bit of researching on the web made me even more confident. And so far, I am not regretting leaving Sweden for even a second. With these blog posts I will let you in on my thoughts as I wander the streets of Cape Town and beyond. On a personal level I am confident that I will learn so much during these months and at the same time you will get a picture of what goes on in this vibrant city, from an outsider’s perspective. From where to get the best cup of freshly made morning coffee, to what it feels like to be locked in a cage surrounded by great white sharks and everything in between.

Cape Town definitely provides a lot of ideas for content and hopefully I can inspire you before your upcoming trip. 

Enjoy reading! ;-)

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