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I don’t know if it has something to do with this intense heat or the fact that there is so much anticipation for the next swell that it’s too shy to show itself, but yet again we are going to have a rather dismal week wave-wise. There’s a ripple or two coming this weekend (Thanks Neptune!?) but it's not going to be anything amazing ... Head as far south as possible or check out the Koolbaai side of the world. Alternatively, it’s a good time to start long-boarding or learning how to stand-up paddle (SUP). My port of call would be Big Bay: That arena has it all.

Sun worshippers, this week’s for you. If you aren’t already being mistaken for a Caribbean goddess or a piece of biltong, then this is your chance! There should be some cool air on Thursday (possibly a welcome spot of rain, too) and Friday but then it’s back to the heat.

So, to all you outdoor romantics out there: Fear not! Put down that jacket and jean pant and enjoy your day or evening ... The Valentine’s Day beach dates are safe.


Ever sit there watching the sports game and shouting at the ref? “Bad call Mr Ref!” followed by some cursing and a big gulp of beer? We surfers do that, but with the judges: “6.5? Are you off your head? That first wave was much better!” is what comes from the crowd on the beach.

Fair judging please! Fair judging please!

The thing about surfers is they all seem to hate contests, but they take part. Odd, but true.

“It’s how they earn their daily hamburger," as my father Paul says. So when a contest comes about that’s subtitled, "No heats, no points, no vests, just one insane ride and R80 000", it certainly grabs their attention. The new Oakley 1wavewonder competition is up and running and there is some craziness going on there!  The entries are coming in from everywhere and the hype is fantastic.

Check out Give your favourite entry a vote or post your own video ...  This is your chance to have your say!

Beach bums? Hell yes!

Like many surfers, I get really frustrated watching or listening to ads or "the media" telling me that surfers are nothing but chilled-out, weird-talking, sun-bleached beach bums. It’s bull! We are job-holding, society contributing, family people ... With a slightly different outlook on life – that’s all. "Alternative lifestyle" is a good way to put it. My point is proven by the world’s elite as well as many other "surf rats" who are lawyers, doctors, inventors and psychopaths ... Pops, how did that last one get in there?

There is a major shift happening in that influential people are joining our fraternity, and I, for one, am very happy about this. The "hard core" ous that live out in the sticks and get their swell reports from smoke signals in the sky are still there and that’s great – what would the world be without them? But the shift of surfing businessmen and professionals moving closer to the city is eminent. Look at Sean Holmes (previous winner of the Red Bull Big Wave Africa and constant Billabong Pro wildcard), Jevon Le Roux (ex-pro surfer and now MD of Hurley Clothing) and Jordy Smith (number 2 in the world in 2010 – 'nough said!) who all now own property on the Atlantic Seaboard. This seems to be the craze ... Being close to the ocean (playground) and close to the city (other playground) is now the norm.

Jordy Smith... At home in and out the water. Jordy Smith... At home in and out the water.

Where am I going with this? Well, I sell property on the Atlantic Seaboard – and this is blatant self-promotion. But it’s also the truth. Think about it.

So, if you’re looking to find your little piece of paradise among the mountains, the ocean, the beautiful views, the crazy people (trust me!), the buzz of the city and the possibility of rubbing shoulders with a surfing-superstar, then look no further.

Think smart and get your foot in the door, literally.

It does get tough concentrating on work. It does get tough concentrating on work.

Dene Botha

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