Road Tripping in South Africa

It is as much a part of our tapestry as sunshine and biltong - The South African Road Trip - Padkos, pillows, hot coffee and good tunes.  The promise of an open road and epic adventure on the horizon...  Our landscapes swish past the windows of our trusty Volkswagen; sweeping plains, swaying sunflowers, rocky cliffs, the changing-blue of the endless ocean. Farm-stall stops or a roadside picnic with a view.  Mom’s sandwiches.  We have it all here, in our beautiful land of diversity.  I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…

Are we there yet?

We aren’t, but be patient kids.  The Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park will be one awe-inspiring South African road trip very, very soon.  Sooner than you can sing 99-bottles-of-beer-on-the-wall.  Unless your older brother gives you a lummy and you have to end the song before the end…

We can’t wait to welcome you in to each carefully crafted Airstream trailer where new, queen-sized beds will up the luxury of your stay as you soak in the iconic South African vistas that will surround you.

Once such vista will be the Hermanus coastline.  Loved by foodies, fun-lovers, artists and surfers alike, the seaside village of Hermanus is a must-stop on a road trip along the N2 of the Western Cape.  Beach House Interiors, synonymous with one of South Africa’s most-loved tourist destinations, has partnered with the Grand Daddy to transform one of the Airstream trailers into a seaside paradise.  On Long street? You bet!

Photo Credit: Beach House Interiors & Homeware Photo Credit: Beach House Interiors & Homeware

Having worked with Grand Daddy owners Jaci and Jan on revamping Jaci’s Safari Lodge in Madikwe, Beach House Interiors is excited about bringing the unique personality of Hermanus to their trailer on Long Street.  Sounds like a big ask, but the best of the best is hard at work.  Beach House Interiors pride themselves on bespoke product designing, sourcing, manufacturing and outstanding craftsmanship.

So, don’t forget the sunscreen.  We’re definitely stopping at the Beach House trailer on the rooftop!

Note: The Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel remains open for business as usual, it is only the Rooftop Trailer Park that is under construction!

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