Masiphumelele: Calls for Help after the Fire

Photo courtesy <a href=''><em>New Age Online</em></a> Photo courtesy New Age Online

Being a Grand Daddy also means being a caring Daddy, and that’s why we’re helping to gather as much support as possible for the residents of Masiphumelele after a fire gutted the northern area of the Cape Town settlement in the early hours of Monday morning (May 2, 2011).

The fire reportedly started in the brush surrounding the wooden shacks and spread quickly, torching nearly 200 homes and leaving about 1 000 people homeless. As winter approaches, local NGO Isiqalo is appealing for donations in order to help the families affected by the fire.

If you can help with basic amenities like blankets, pillows, jumpers, pots, pans and food, a Masi drop-off point is available through Isiqalo’s partners at Hokisa, or you can call +27 (0)79 302 1531 for more information.

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