Machineri to Perform at the Grand Daddy

André Geldenhuys and Sannie Fox. Photo courtesy <a href=''>Machineri</a>. André Geldenhuys and Sannie Fox. Photo courtesy Machineri.

Cape Town band Machineri has been one of the most pleasant surprises to hit the local music scene in recent years, with their infectious blend of blues, rock and folk proving a hit time and again with fans across the country. And so, like the Grand Daddy strives to never bore, this intelligent and creative band is sure to keep you entertained when they perform live at the Sky Bar on May 6, 2011 at 18h00.

Since the band formed in 2008, headed by Sannie Fox on vocals and guitar, André Geldenhuys on guitar and Daniel Huxham who later joined on drums, they have created two popular singles with accompanying videos – The Searcher and Machine I am – and are currently working on their first studio album.

According to MK Online, Sannie liked the name “The Machine” and the idea behind it, which for her meant the working class, as well as the symbiotic relationship between the skilled worker and his machine.

She added, “André had an imaginary friend called ERI. We noticed we could add this ‘eri’ on the end of the word ‘machine’ and leave out the ‘e’ to turn it into ‘Machineri’. It is an idiosyncratic, modernised word for ‘machinery’, which parallels the fact that we are playing modern music. We draw from old music, but play it in a modern way using electric guitars and mixing contemporary aspects.”

Sannie, André and Daniel explain that their sound is not necessarily stuck in one genre, and that each song brings a new dynamic based on their vast influences and development as human beings. 

Join us on the rooftop – R20 gets you in.  

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