Jaci’s Lodges Rhino ‘Horn’ awareness campaign

From Saturday the 1st of September 2012, all the vehicles at our sister properties Jaci’s Lodges, in Madiwe, will be sporting orange 'horns' for a full month to raise awareness about poaching in general and specifically rhino poaching.

The 'horned' vehicle The 'horned' vehicle

The orange is symbolic as we are in a precarious position - if nothing is done we can say good bye to rhinos on this planet within 15 - 20 years….

 The campaign also encourages Jaci’s Lodges guests to look up poaching information on the internet and tell their friends. “We want to spread awareness and education is the best way - let’s try and get this thing viral!” says Jaci van Heteren, owner of Jaci’s Lodges and The Grand Daddy Hotel.

“We can all do this in our own way but the first step is to be very visual - the orange 'horns' should do this….”

Anyone can participate and buy 'horns' at Builders Warehouse or get smaller ones from Sportsman's Warehouse (the one they use for the rugby ball). Post and share your pictures on your social sites and let’s see the difference we all are able to make in raising awarenes for this very real issue.

Preparing the 'horns' for the Vehicles Preparing the 'horns' for the Vehicles

The team at Jaci's The team at Jaci's

Thumbs down to poaching Thumbs down to poaching

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