Granny and Grandpa’s night out at The Grand Daddy Hotel

 Granny &Grandpa’s Monday night out at TheGrandaddy


Arrived at the door in the chaos of CT rush hour, Granny hops out into the traffic and darts into the reception requesting a parking for the night while Grandpa swings around the block, to be met at the side entrance by a welcoming “Rodney”, into the garage and whisked through to the ancient lift, creaks and groans from us or the lift, who cares, what fun! Out at the 3rd floor, a dash up the short carpeted stairs to the roof garden, “Pink Flamingo” and our luxurious aluminium ‘Airstream Caravan’ – called a ‘Land Yacht’, parked with 6 others around the central outside inside theatre.

A glass of chilled Bubbly to hand and we settled in without fuss, just time for a super hot shower, a change of clothes and we were ready for the most extraordinary evening’s entertainment. Yuppies, children, Young and Old all arriving and seating expectantly, well oiled from the adjacent Bar, with Sangria.

We next received a wire basket containing the most delicious piquenique, savoury wraps, salads, fresh cold meat rolls, cheese and biscuits and chocolate galore for pud, hot water bottles for each lap, a blanket to throw and the lights turned low. Next two hours of an amazingly well acted and enjoyable film, “The Breakfast Club”, not what you would find at Cine Neauveux or Ster Kinekor. American nogal, but in the French tradition, not to be missed.

A hop and a skip into the caravan, still Bubbly to hand, the lights down low and into bed not far off our usual time, a short read of some forgettable novel and then sleep thru the night in a comfy luxurious very different ambience.


Morning coffee to hand, fruit bowl, flowers and Continental breakfast all thrown in,

we thought that we had just had our second Honeymoon.

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