Fictional Fathers: The Daddy is in Grand Company

The Huxtable, Dunphy, Harper, Simpson and Lion King kids all have one thing in common: Awesome patriarchs. Here are some fictional daddies who are almost as grand as the Daddy himself.

Dr Cliff Huxtable

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Who’s your Daddy?

Cliff Huxtable of The Cosby Show must be one of the most recognisable fictional fathers of all time.

That’s Grand!

He’ll steal cake for you, bust a rhyme or, if needs be, stand in as your answering service.

Phil Dunphy

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Who’s your Daddy?

The hilarious Modern Family  marks the revival of the American family sitcom, and with its mixed bag of characters, it’s making a name for itself, fast. Phil Dunphy is riveting as the endlessly doting dad who tries just a little too hard.

That’s Grand!

He’s hip, he texts, he surfs the web …

Homer Simpson

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Who’s your Daddy?


That’s Grand!

The man has no shame. No shame. 


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Who’s your Daddy? 

The king of the jungle: Mufasa, voiced by James Earl Jones in The Lion King (1994). 

That’s Grand!

He shows up to help Simba out posthumously. Now that’s dedication!

Charlie Harper

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Who's your Daddy?

Charlie Sheen was getting paid heaps of money for this show which was perhaps not as funny as his paycheck might’ve indicated. Be that as it may, Two and a Half Men’s dad-by-proxy sure has shown that the unlikeliest of characters can step into fatherly shoes. #tigerblood or no #tigerblood.

That’s Grand!

Misogynistic, commitment-phobic, shallow … Charlie Sheen Harper is all of these things and so much more. Despite it all, he manages to find common ground with young Jake.

CBS won't let us embed YouTube videos of any of the few funny moments on Two and a Half Men, but click here for a video entitled "Charlie Harper teaches Jake about Sex".

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