Discover the Doors of Long Street - Royale Eatery

When burger cravings hit, we know the perfect spot to find the remedy.  Royale Eatery is Long Street’s trendiest burger joint, created with ‘TLC’ by brother owners’ Sascha and Hugo Berolsky.  We followed the smell of burgers and chatted to the kings of the restaurant.

Q: How did the restaurant come about?

Sascha trained as a chef and wanted to start Royale after travelling around the world after he qualified.  It really is a family business, in that his brother Hugo and he established it. They have a great team of managers to handle the day-to-day running of the business which frees them up to come up with ideas for new burgers or interior design changes which will constantly reinvent Royale and keep it current and interesting.   A lot of the burgers have a story behind how they came to be and how they were named.  For example  they have an “Uncle Morris burger”, which is a "New York style" hamburger with a juicy 250g beef patty, melted cheddar cheese, ketchup and lettuce leaves, and is named after Sascha and Hugo’s Uncle Morris, who hails from NY

Q: Why was Long Street chosen as the location?
Ten years ago there were no similar restaurants in Cape Town.  Sascha had seen some hole-in-the-wall places on his travels that served burgers, and thought it would be unique to take that type of food but serve it in a restaurant where you could hang out in big comfy booth tables with a whole bunch of friends. A small burger joint fitted in well with its surroundings back in 2003, but Sascha and Hugo would also like to think that as Royale has expanded and brought more people into the city centre who wanted to eat a meal here, they’ve helped contribute to the ongoing improvement and upliftment of the central city.

Q: What is your favourite item on the menu?
“If I had to pick one burger we're proud of, I'd say it's our wagyu burger, as we were the first burger restaurant in Cape Town to use a wagyu beef patty. Like champagne the beef cannot be called kobe if it wasn’t produced in the Kobe region. Our wagyu burger is made from 100% pure & local beef.  We serve it on a pretzel roll, topped with red onions that have been glazed in Citizen beer, with homemade potato fries on the side.  We recommend having it with extra Swiss cheese and/or extra bacon on top”.

Where to find them:

273 Long Street, Cape Town

Mon-Sat: 12:00 – 23:30

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