Discover the Doors of Long Street - Madam Taitou

Discover Long Street with the Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel, one door at a time. Join us on our weekly adventure where we go out and discover what is behind the fascinating and vibrant doors on Long Street!

This week we experience a taste of Ethiopia right on our doorstep when we visit Madam Taitou.

Madam Taitou is a restaurant in the middle of Long Street, which prepares fresh Ethiopian food every day. The restaurant's decor takes you away from Long Street and into the vibrant heart of Ethiopia. It will also offer you a unique experience by showing you how to eat in the traditional Ethiopian way, using your hands and sharing platters. Madam Taitou is open for breakfast (on weekends), lunch and dinner. It is an absolute delight for vegetarians.

Something you should definitely try is their Ethiopian coffee. Every day at 7pm the restaurant offers a free Ethiopian Bunna-coffee experience. In this coffee ceremony the coffee beans are prepared in the traditional way allowing visitors a glimpse of Ethiopian tradition and culture. 

Where to find them:a

77 Longstreet, Cape Town

021 426 6969 / 072 704 6182

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