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Discover Long Street with the Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel, one door at a time. Join us on our weekly adventure where we go out and discover what is behind the fascinating and vibrant doors on Long Street!

This week we were in the mood for some shopping but not just any shopping some ‘Lucky Fish’ shopping!

Lucky Fish is a T-shirt and art craft shop located across Long Street from the Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel at number 43. It is owned by Rodriquez who started the company two years ago. The shop carries a lot of African brands, like Ubuntuism, Magents, Electric Zulu, Lucky Friday and Black Mark and they also have their own T-shirt brand called Lucky Fish’.












The shop displays a love for everything African. It embraces the humour of pan Africa and celebrates what makes Africa unique. Their motto is ‘If we can put it on a T-shirt, we can and will’. The shop will inspire you with positive messages and inspirational quotes. Rodriquez’s favourite part of the store – besides his Lucky Fish t-shirts - is the blackboard messenger outside the front of the store with daily motivational quotes.

Guests of the Grand Daddy Hotel can show their key card and receive a Grand Daddy discount. Take home some authentic Long Street gifts for family and friends. Do you need any more incentive to pay them a visit?

Where to find Lucky Fish: 43 Longstreet, Cape Town

Contact: +27 (0) 78 223 1211 or

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