Bubble Wrap: Who ate all the pies?

U & ME Coffee and Conversation

76 Strand Street, Cape Town

Shhh, the secret is out. 

U & Me Coffee Clothing and Conversation claims to have the best coffee in town. 

They need a new sign: Best homemade pies in town.

There, I said it. The only reason I have revealed this isbecause I have secured a deal with the lovely lads who work there that they put aside a pie for me every day.  

It seems there are others out there on my wavelength: I am not a breakfast person. It's not that I'm not hungry in the morning, but rather that I don’t enjoy "normal breakfast food". Toast and cereal bore me, I am not a fruit or yoghurt lover, and who has the time or metabolism for a full English every day? Something savoury and not too filling is perfect; step forward a delicious homemade mini-pie. If you are not there before 09h30 they are normally sold out of pies, but if they have sold out by 09h00 they will make another batch; hooray!

I can fill your imagination with many mouthwatering words and tantalising descriptions, but you'll only really know why I claim it to be the best mouthful in town once you've tried it.  OK, just to tempt you: The pastry is succulent, fresh and perfectly cooked; not soggy or flaky, just right.


When you take your first bite and the beautiful flavours burst into your mouth and aroma is realised, you feel warm and smug. The homemade creamy chicken and mushroom filling melts in your mouth and makes you ache for another bite.  You need to order it to take away, as after three mouthfuls it will be gone and you will be desperate for another one. They really are that good!

They also serve a selection of other pastries and make freshly made panini to order. I think they're a little bold in saying their coffee is the best in town.

But that is just my opinion; they do, however, definitely have the "best homemade chicken and mushroom mini-pies" in town. "Best pie" might also be a little bold; but they are a competitive entry. 

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