Bubble Wrap: Cafe Mozart

Cafe Mozart


37 Church Street.  Cape Town

021 424 3774


Since the original Madame Zingara dramatically went down in flames and broke many foodies hearts she has being flying around the globe sprinkling her magic dust everywhere she went.  Now she has returned and blessed Cape Town with her magic in four restaurants; adding her unique touch to each and a new lease of life.

Cafe Mozart is situated amongst the market/antiques hub of Cape Town between Long and Burg Street.  As you walk through the busy, eclectic market of old necklaces, books and more; you come across an intriguing, bustling cafe with its tables separated from the stalls by white picket fences.  The old tables are covered with velvet cloths with retro white lace covers.  You have to dive at the opportunity to get a table outside; mainly with dappled shading by the surrounding trees.  Lunch time is always extremely busy, an outside table is a prize in a summer day, but the inside tables are far from second best.

The service is slow but friendly with the Madame Zingara charm.  If a ‘Zingar-a-ist,’ you will recognise your servers from the Tent of Dreams and other magical Zingara encounters.  Don’t go to Cafe Mozart for a quick bite.  It is more an experience, escapism from your daily duties or throbbing shopping feet.

The food also lacks to impress me, but again it doesn’t affect my experience; and I will still rave about my lunch and return again and again.  I feel very fortunate The Grand Daddy is close and will continue to go back on a weekly basis; even though the couple of times I have been, the food and service have disappointed me.  No other eatery where these two factors ceased to impress me have I returned to time and time again!

It is a day time spot, offering a wonderful selection of simple and yet original breakfast and lunch options.  Breakfast is served until 11am. For the old school, a simple offering of boiled eggs and soldiers is a mere R25 or for the more extravagant; Eggs Royal with smoked salmon, fresh croissant, spinach & hollandaise.  Lots of choice to suit every need.  After that the main event is showcased; the wonderfully valued lunch menu. The lunch menu appeals to all dietary requirements and tastes.   You can either opt for their extremely generous and decadently healthy buffet lunch option for R45.  There is also a variety of simple and gourmet sandwiches on offer or their variety of hot and hearty lunches. 

The Mozart Royale: Chicken, bacon, avo burger with caramalized onions and mayo. The Mozart Royale: Chicken, bacon, avo burger with caramalized onions and mayo.

My recommendations being the Mussel Pot (R48), The Mozart Royale; Chicken, bacon, avo burger (R55) and for the veggies and meat eaters alike the delicious Melanzane Parmegiano (R55).  This last visit I opted for The Chicken and Field Mushroom Pie with ‘anaemic’ (my description of undercooked chips) French fries (R55).  I was tempted to ask for a spoon to drink the soup like contents of this delicious smelling pie.  The flavours were to begin with, extremely flavoursome, but after a while became far too rich and the chicken over cooked.  It wasn’t filling enough but it became ‘a tad’ over whelming. 

This is an extremely unique and wonderful place to relax and watch the surrounding going ons while you enjoy some simple yet decadent delights at the courtesy of Madame Zingara as after all;  “Cafe Mozart is the love child of The Royal Countess Madame Zingara.”  

Thank you and good day; until next week when I dive into the delicious experience of another of Madame Zinagra’s wonderful delights....

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