Bosch, Nomu, Neill Anthony Master Cllass ,11th August, Bubble Wrap


−          1 “God of Food

−          A generous glug of wine supplied by Andre Pentz “not a wine connoisseur but an alcoholic who knows lots about wine.”

−          An extensive supply of NoMU rubs, grinders, dippers, cocoa, stirs and fonds.

−          A showroom filled with BOSCH appliances suited for Kings and Queens and other’s dreams.

−          An audience of drooling foodies


−          Braised Angel Fish, caper and raison puree, carrots and liquorice

−          “Steak and Chips” Slow roasted rib eye of beef, truffled horse radish chantilly, thrice cooked chips

−          Whipped lemon curd, burned honey espuma, salted peanut brittle

We were welcomed; on a chilled August evening at BSH Home Appliances Showroom, by a warm cuppa of NoMU’s ‘ultra chocolaty, ultra decadent’ hot chocolate.  NoMU in hand, we were invited to walk around the showroom; looking in awe at these stunning appliances; imagining them in our own kitchens.  Our dreams were shattered when we heard the high price that were attached to them.  I think the only appliance that was not the same value as my house would have been the Bosch toaster.

Neill welcomed us and ensured us we did not have to be serious foodies to enjoy the masterclass, we shouldn’t relate it to Master Chef and could put our notepads and pens away, sit back and enjoy the aromas and delights about to descend on our senses.  And wow what a sensory overload was ahead of us...


Our first lesson was that neither of the proteins; the angelfish or the ribeye would be cooked above 90 degrees.  This is to stop the protein from denaturing; loosing protein and shrinking.  Cooking protein at lower temperatures produces more tender and tasty results.


It was great to hear the huge piece of meat slowly cooking in the oven was free range and organic, and the anglefish sustainable.  It is always assuring when chefs practice responsible and ethical cooking.  The meat as from Gogo's Deli which supplies an extensive range of organic meat.

As Neill heads back to behind the bench; Andre Pentz introduces us to much welcomed wines.  To go with the angel fish he pours us two whites from Louisvale; The chardonnay and the chivanti.  The chivanti has a fresh fruit palate and Andre suggests your pair it with breakfast.

Neills Potato Cooking Tip

Bring salted water to right temperature and then add potatoes.  Against popular belief you shouldn’t boil potatoes.  Water should barely move; very light simmer.

NoMU is also behind our wonderful gastronomic evening.  Paul talks to us briefly and encourages creativity from the attendees and invites us to get involved in whatever way we can.  Sam introduces us to NoMU’s latest product; “NoMU's new airmail envelope gives you the opportunity of trying FOUR DIFFERENT RUBS at a cost equivalent to one tin. All in a gift-friendly envelope that we'll airmail anywhere in the world for FREE.”  And the sachets are recyclable and re-sealable; annnnd we have an envelope each to take home -  NoMU keeps everyone happy.

The wine was flowing, the smells intensifying and the level of conversational noise increasing as tweeters and bloggers identify each other down the table. 


And the food is served… the room 'oohed' and 'aaahed' before silence as everyone’s taste buds were mesmerized.    To start we have Braised Angel Fish, caper and raison puree, carrots and liquorice.  Wow what a strange but magical combination.  Did you know liquorice is two hundred times sweeter than sugar?  Carrots are also sweet but at the other end of the sweetness league.  This fusion provides a surprisingly complimentary contrast, intensified even more so with the fusion of the caper and raison puree.  The angelfish was so delicate and succulent; living up to it’s heavenly name.

As the spotless plates were cleared Andre presented us with a variety of Bovlei Reds to pair with the main.  The only correct pairing with a steak is that you have red wine; the grape is the choice of the consumer. 

The main course should usually be the highlight of the meal and boy did this “Steak and Chips” Slow roasted rib eye of beef, truffled horse radish chantilly, thrice cooked chips steal the show.  Without a doubt, arguably the best ‘steak and chips’ any of us had ever had the pleasure of eating.  The ribeye so tender and mouthwatering.  Complimented with thick cut crispy yet soft in center chips, baby gem lettuce and the horse radish chantilly.  The chantilly was reminiscent of whipped cream in looks and taste but with a gentle nudge from the normally over powering horse radish.  I will swear from this day forward that if I am serving beef then I will compliment it with the chantilly.  I can not actually believe I have spent the last 30 years eating steak quite happily, blind folded from this accompaniment.

We were given a little pause to re group and try and digest the first two courses.  I ashamedly could find little room for the Whipped lemon curd, burned honey espuma, salted peanut brittle but couldn’t resist a taste; and it was everything it should have been and more.

We left with happy stomachs, enlightened palates, generous goodie bags and with new friends.  A very successful indulgent evening had by all.


Thank you to Neill, NoMU and Bosch; we’ll be back ☺


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All recipes for the 'Master Cllass" are on Neill Anthony's Blog

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