Argus Cycle Tour - arguably the most beautiful cycle race in the world

The annual Cape Argus Cycle Tour is set to take place on March 9 2014. South Africa's Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, the world's largest individually timed cycle race – and the first event outside Europe to be included in the International Cycling Union's Golden Bike Series – sees over 35 000 cyclists tackling a 109km route around Cape Town that is as spectacular as it is gruelling.

It is soon time to dust of your lycra and put the pedal to the metal in preparation for the big day! The Daddy, who is a big fan of outdoor events invite all you cyclists for a fun filled weekend in Cape Town. Stay the weekend (3 nights) and get a 10% discount on the accommodation, breakfast included of course! Do your carbo loading with dinner in L’Apero Restaurant and breakfast will be served extra early to get you up and going on the day of the race. We offer secure storage for your bikes and gear.

Fun facts about the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour

  • The fastest men’s record was set by Robbie Hunter in 2008; who completed the 110-km course in 02:27:29.
  • The fastest women’s record was set by Anke Erlank-Moore in 2007; who completed the 110-km course in 02:48:29.
  • The fastest average speed of 47.48-km/h was set by Wimpie van der Merwe in 1993.
  • Penny Krohn set the record for the highest number of consecutive wins – 25 – within an age group.
  • The oldest man to complete the race within the allotted time (7 hours) was Japie Malan who did the race on a single bicycle in 2010 and on a tandem in 2012. He was 92 years old at the time.
  • Mary Warner is the oldest woman to complete the race within the allotted time (7 hours), in 2006; she was 80 years old at the time.

Fun facts and images courtesy of Cape Town Magazine - 

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