A Happy Pink Flamingo camper…

 Now...........If you want something Different and Fun go to The Pink Flamingo at the Grand Daddy Hotel in Long Street on a Monday evening and enjoy an early film accompanied by a bottle of champagne and a picnic supper, before dropping into bed for a night in one of their rooftop caravans.

We arrived about 5pm to be met by friendly staff who escorted us to the rooftop in the genuine antique elevator. Moon Tides was our luxurious caravan decorated in shimmering silver, grey and white, where a generous bowl of fruit was provided for us to enjoy as we showered, (in the ingeniously attractive black shower room) and changed into warm clothes, it being mid winter.
Around 6 pm we dropped into one of the leather sofas on The Pink Flamingo Rooftop, were given cuddly hot water bottles, warm rugs and a crisply cold bottle of Pongraz Champagne, which we immediately popped open in celebration. Shortly thereafter a delicious picnic supper in a wire basket arrived: tasty wraps, potato or cous cous salad, cold meat and cheese with biscuits or a roll and a divinely wicked chocolate pudding.
The film - The Breakfast Meeting was a delightful surprise. An American film with the sophistication of a French or Italian production. Excellent.
All over by 9 pm we retired to the comfortable bed in our silvery caravan, taking the hotties with us to keep our feet warm and didnt wake up till 8 o'clock next morning.
Altogether a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one we can thoroughly recommend, despite our old age!

An Ancient


ps Rodney especially impressed us with his efficiency, cheerfulness and helpfulness.

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