The Front Man & Face of the Grand Daddy

January is a time of self-reflection and New Year’s resolutions.  We all tend to be too hard or too lenient on ourselves, but there’s one guy who surpassed the see-saw effect and found that sweet spot of excellence. Just ask Germain, our dynamic front of house security guard, who was also awarded January’s Employee of the Month.

Busy December Days with Barman Evans

December is an extra special time of the year in the hotel industry, but with those special seasonal days comes busy Grand Daddy nights.  Just ask our barman Evan, who was also awarded the December employee of the month.

Spectacular package offers

You’ve seen one – why not see ‘em all? Here are the latest combo packages from Jaci’s Lodges, Cheetah Plains and Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel.

Cape Town Cycle Tour meets Grand Daddy and Jaci’s Safari Lodge

What do cycling, the Grand Daddy, and Jaci’s Safari Lodge have in common?  From 6 to 12 March, they have a lot in common and we’re here to spread the joyous news with a special package from yours truly.

New Year’s Rockin’ Eve at the Grand Daddy

You may have heard of Dick Clark’s annual and classic New Year’s Rockin’ Eve party that takes place in New York City’s Times Square, but this year the Grand Daddy puts their own spin onto this special time of celebration.

Good Reviews, Even Better Employees: Meet Jessie

“There is no substitute for hard work.”  Ask Jessie. Our November Employee of the Month, who lights up the Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel with her smile, light-hearted attitude, and drool-worthy cooking skills.

5 Reasons Chicks Dig the Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel

Attention all men: We’re about to let you in on a secret for the upcoming holidays. Chicks dig the Grand Daddy. The boutique hotel is a girl’s delight for the sincerest of reasons, and we are ever-so-kindly sharing the 5 most important with you today.

The Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel- Rich with History

Let’s take a leap back in time and treasure the Grand Old Daddy’s historical charm.  Age is just a number, and our boutique hotel‘s bygone evolution defies age with effortless character from the outside in.

Christmas Day Lunch at L’Apero

‘Tis the season for an elegant Christmas Day lunch that makes the family swoon around the table sharing festive food with good company.  L’Apero’s 3-course holiday menu will leave the taste buds itching for a joyful Christmas meal more than once a year.

The Grand Finale- Rooftop Trailer Talk

The Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park is a Long Street legend that keeps the city buzzing with South African flair. Foreigners and locals alike have a home at the Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel, creating an environment that reigns high and proud, with a trailer park packed with SA personality.