The Incidental Daddy - Signal Hill Views

February in Cape Town is blissfully intoxicating and should be enjoyed from every angle. A drive up Signal Hill to take in the beauty and vastness of the city, whether it’s at midday, as the sun sets or to watch the full moon rise, will ensure this and reward with a sense of magic. The Incidental Daddy signals from here regularly and I entice you to do the same. 

Meat-Free Mondays

Eating more vegetables is not only great for your health but good for the planet, too!

The Incidental Daddy – Going Underwater

The Incidental Daddy bravely took exploring to a new level this past month and I encourage you to do the same while lingering in Cape Town. For me this was two things: The fulfilment of a long standing dream and a really awesome Christmas present.

Bubble Wrap: Maria’s

Christina bubble wraps her Valentine’s dinner, where she rediscovers an old favourite and experiences rustic Greek romance.

The Incidental Daddy – Photos of Kalk Bay

Dawn Jorgensen leads us on a trail of all things magnificent as she opens up our eyes to must-see exhibitions and local delights as The Incidental Daddy. Here she shares some beautiful moments in Kalk Bay.

The Incidental Daddy – Exhibitions

As an Incidental Tourist I find myself forever on the lookout for experiences, visuals, tastes, smells and inspirations. I was therefore delighted to be asked by the Grand Daddy hotel to share some of these on their blog. I’m in love with the Grand Daddy, and secretly long to be Airstream Trailer trash of a rather permanent kind.

Bubble Wrap: Who ate all the pies?

Bubbles lets her secret out and asks who ate all the pies ... For breakfast?

Daddy’s Monthly Wrap-up

What daddy has in store for you in the month of lurve ...

Bubble Wrap: Bombay Bicycle Club

Our resident foodie comes to the last stop on her magical Madame Zingara trail.  This week the bubbles and the sparkles intertwine at Bombay Bicycle Club.

Bubble Wrap: Sidewalk Cafe

The Grand Daddy Hotel’s Head of Events, Christina continues her epic voyage into all things tasty around Daddy. This week Sidewalk Cafe comes under the spot light. How finds this “purveyor of fine palate” the fare on offer?