Leap Year Day

The 29th of February is leap year day.  Those of us who have been around the sun a couple of times, know that this only happens once every 4 years and on this magical day, it is tradition that a woman can propose marriage to a man and he is not allowed to refuse without penalties. 

Bubble Wrap: Van Hunks

Christina MacEchern; Daddy’s foodie child, returns to Van Hunks and has a daddalicous experience

Rugby World Cup in the comfort of Daddy’s home

Join Daddy for the early morning World Cup matches

Rooftop Rocks: October Line Up

yup its that time of year again…. lets get that Rooftop rocking again

Bosch, Nomu, Neill Anthony Master Cllass ,11th August, Bubble Wrap

Neill Anthony, Bosch and NoMU have come together to present a master class for anyone who feels like gathering to absorb some great cooking tips and techniques, experiencing some, out of this world, flavours and tastes, and making some need friends who love food as much as you do.

September’s Pink Flamingo Line Up

The Pink Flamingo invites you to join her in her snug Rooftop Open Air Cinema for the screening of two of her old favourite movies.

Earth Fair Market, Bubble Wrap

The Magic of Earth Fair Market

Granny and Grandpa’s night out at The Grand Daddy Hotel

Chris Trace (Grandpa) recalls his special night at Grand Daddy….

A Happy Pink Flamingo camper…

Elizabeth Trace recalls her night with Daddy; the night The Pink Flamingo came out of hibernation.

The Castle Of Good Hope, The Incidental Daddy

I recently took a trip down memory lane and visited Cape Town’s Castle of Good Hope  Such a landmark in Cape Town yet often forgotten when there is so very much else to do in our beautiful city. I hadn’t been in years.